Three Pillars Of Care

Relieve, Restore, Return

Pillar 1. Relieve Your Pain

Initially our focus is to reduce your inflammation, protective spasm of your muscles and other factors that are responsible for your pain. You will learn exactly what's wrong regarding your body and will be educated on how all of your needs will be addressed to reach your goal.

Goals during this phase are:

  1. Pain relief

  2. Reduce nerve irritation

  3. Reduce tissue inflammation

  4. Increase flexibility

Pillar 2. Restore Mobility/Strength

This phase is focused on addressing the underlying issues and restoring strength, mobility and function. By the end of this phase you should feel significant improvements in mobility, pain and function. You may feel that you can continue without the need of physical therapy but you are still vulnerable and many who stop at this point return due re-injury or worse, failed surgery. Stick with it you are almost in the clear! You should have a good appreciation of which activities, positions and movements are contributing to your limitations and how to manage them. After this phase you will be re-examined and if you have reached the goals you will be progressed to the final phase of care.

Goals during this phase are:

  1. Reposition, restore normal joint mechanics.

  2. Restore muscle function.

  3. Rehabilitate and Strengthen muscles.

  4. Increase range of motion.

  5. Reeducate neuromuscular function/coordination.

  6. Progress you to Pillar 3 or a self recovery plan.

Pillar 3. Return to Activity/Sport

During this phase you will make certain that you have the mobility, strength and resilience to perform the activities you love without fear. During this phase through a combination of sports or activity specific training, education and strengthening we focus on maximizing your daily or athletic functional abilities, while preventing set backs due to injury.

Goals during this phase are:

  1. Return to Sport/Activity at your previous level of function or better.

  2. Maintain structural integrity.

  3. Maximize tissue tolerance.

  4. Achieve physical and emotional well being.