"Garry is by far the best physical therapist I have been to. He was kind, easy going, professional, knowledgeable and overall, a true pleasure to work with. When I came in I was just recovering from bunion surgery and was in constant pain. Garry did a thorough assessment of me and focused on how I already moved to see where I needed to go. Through stretching and strengthening the muscles needed to reduce compensation and the resulting pain and strains resulting from this, Garry was able to get me back to doing all the things I love most like weight lifting, yoga, and wearing high heels. All sessions were one on one and he explained everything we were doing in a thorough and easily comprehensible manner. He also gave me the skills and tools to continue working on things at home to push myself even further. By the time I left I felt as good as new and am now back at the gym full time feeling stronger than ever!" - Pamela G.

"Garry treated me for a shoulder injury and provided exceptional care. Garry created a specific stretching / strengthening program based on my condition and how I responded to treatment and followed up with me in between appointments to check on my progress. Within a short period of time I was pain free. I would strongly recommend Garry to anyone in need of physical therapy." - Steven Y.

"Luck brought me to my Garry for my first ever PT experience after breaking my ankle and having surgery 2 months prior. Hopefully this brings you luck as well. On my first appointment I couldn’t open the front door by myself. A little over 3 months later I can run up to about 90% my top speed prior and was just able to ski any double black diamond on a ski trip I set as my goal. In between Garry helped me understand how to think about pain and my recovery progress realistically and what I could do on my own to help that along. Sessions were both challenging and something I looked forward to every week, because of the continual progressed under his care, good laughs, and conversation. Garry’s a professional but he’s also a really good guy to spend an hour with. So I couldn’t recommend him more highly and I am a bit sad to be graduating. Until next time." - Brian M.

"I would highly recommend seeing Garry if you have chronic pain that isn't going away. I developed tendonitis after ACL surgery 10 years ago and have seen at least 10 different physical therapists to deal with the issue and I never saw much progress until I started seeing Garry. He explained the mechanisms of pain in a way that helped me understand what I have to do to feel better. Another great thing about Garry is that all my sessions were one on one." - Gary R.

"I suffer from chronic back and shoulder pain from what I call “Extreme Sitting”. Garry has been my physical therapist on and off for over three years. Needless to say he is very professional and attentive. Garry has a great bedside manner; the perfect mix of listening to your needs, providing you with “homework” to assist in your healing and telling you like it is (which I need). His principles have encouraged me into thinking outside of the box while at work and come up with alternative to make my space work for my physical needs." - T. W. Ferguson

"Garry is a professional in all aspects. He communicates everything that he is doing and wants you to understand what he is doing and why. I compete in CrossFit and since seeing Garry every month, I have never felt better and have been injury free. I would highly recommend him." - Joseph G.

"Garry is a very systematic guide to a healing process which has been very successful for me. He is a patient student of the body and its needs, and conveys a philosophic approach to pain and healing which is clearly articulated and very helpful. I cannot recommend him highly enough." Doug S.

"Garry is a fantastic physical therapist. I came to him with a sciatic pain in my left leg after a long history of back problems and two discectomy surgeries, dreading to have another one. I think the first thing that was different about him was his approach to pain. It took some sessions for this approach to "click" with me, but once it did it help recover faster, and gave me the tools and the correct set of mind to deal with any future pain issues. After about 3 weeks of treatment I was back to work and felt much better. I could sit for prolonged periods of time (which I couldn't initially without pain) and pretty much go back to normal activity. I highly recommend him. Last but not least, besides being a great physical therapist, he's really easy to talk to and has a great sense of humor which makes the sessions so much better." -Tal G.

"I felt “stuck” before I began physical therapy with Garry, with stiffness and lack of mobility in my neck and shoulders. I had seen physical therapists before and had done the exercises they recommended, and thought they had done some good, but I was not seeing improvement. Garry has shown me exercises that pinpoint the source of my neck and shoulder problems, and his therapy has actually improved my mobility and decreased my pain. I’m very pleased." Erin Z.

"My experience with Garry Cowell as a Physical Therapist is exceptional. His vast knowledge and intuitive understanding of the human body and each individual’s physical complication instills a level of confidence and hope in each patient’s expectations of recovery. When I started physical therapy I was in extreme pain and limping. After working with Garry, the pain has subsided considerably and I am no longer limping. I have worked with other physical therapists before and Garry stands in a category unto himself – Confidence Builder." - Loni M.

"I call Garry Cowell my magical healer. No matter what injury or aches and pains I suffer from, Garry is able to correctly diagnose the problem and work on the effected or related areas to help with the healing process. He also comes up with interesting exercises to help strengthen the opposing muscles in order to avoid the injury in the future. It really is amazing how tuned in to his craft he is and how often I’m helped by his efforts. I would recommend Garry very highly to anyone who loves to exercise and therefore gets an occasional injury. Garry will bring you back to health in half the time it would have taken using conventional methods." - Kassim C.

"Approximately three years ago I was injured in an accident and herniated a disc in my neck. I suffered much pain and was very functionally limited. Since my injury, I’ve been to several PTs yet my pain never subsided.

I have been under the care of Dr. Garry Cowell, physical therapist, for the last two months. Since, my pain has been significantly attenuated, and I’ve returned to normal function, well beyond my expectations when beginning treatment. To my delight, I’ve even signed up to a gym!

Garry is very professional, keeping up with the most cutting edge and relevant scientific research. He is friendly and modest and involves me as his patient in the treatment plan and its rationale. As a trained scientist, I am especially appreciative of his knowledge and passion for his work. Garry even went to the trouble of looking up relevant scientific literature and sending it to me.

In summary, Dr. Cowell is professional, friendly, dedicated and passionate about the well being of his patients. I highly recommend him as a physical therapist with absolutely no reservations." Yoav L.

"For over 15 years I’d suffered with chronic back pain. Regularly acute, often a nuisance…and sometimes completely disabling. Equipped with ‘evidence’ from ‘specialists’ - and ‘proof’ of injury from x-rays to mris to myriad diagnostic tests - I thought I knew both the origin of my problem - and its solution. But with only fleeting relief - massage, acupuncture, chiro, yoga, Qi-gong….liver poisoning pills - that self reflecting voice kept reminding me it had been well over a decade and it would surely be several decades more of lost time, money and life experiences if I didn’t get serious about removing the dark cloud hovering over my physical and mental health.

Hope was no longer a strategy. A new deck of thoughts and a new pair of hands was in the cards. After my first visit with Dr. Cowell, my pain was evaluated in a way that refreshingly mixed the socratic method with the scientific. Questioning authority always came natural to me. But questioning my own evidence-based conclusions required someone whom i respected for a command of their discipline but more importantly someone who could get me the outcome i desired.

Dr. Cowell helped deconstructed limiting and false beliefs I held - and showed me why the core of their foundations were cracked. Instead of being drilled with dated wisdom from a dusty medical journal - his tactics were insightful, immersive and three dimensional. Combining dialogue (he actually listens to understand you), tight tissue reformation, and pressure point palpation that - well….you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. Most important - he gave me the gift of learning how to heal myself.

As crazy as this sounds - and as grateful I am that those agonizing days, weeks, months and years are receding into the distant memory bank - i won’t deny I sometimes miss them. It was comforting to have an excuse not to try X or Y - and please for sympathy had emotional rewards. But now that I’ve escaped the pain prison and have freedom to do things that bring me much greater joy - those shackled mental states have all but disappeared. In closing, we all do things to move away from pain. Most are ineffective…at worst destructive.

So if you want to do something constructive - make an appointment with Dr. Cowell’s physiotherapy. It was a great investment for me…returning peace, happiness and a new beginning." - Philip C.