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We help you stay youthful, fit and mobile, so you can keep up with your kids and grandkid as long into your lifetime as possible!

Let's get you back to the athlete that you once were and beyond!

Are you finding it hard to keep up with your growing child's sporting endeavors?

Are activities that used to be easy becoming challenging?

Do you feel that your performance in your own athletic pursuits is not what it once was?

We will help you remain youthful, fit and mobile so that you can perform at you highest levels during the activities you love.

We provide the opportunity to become faster, agile, more powerful, and relieve your pain so that you can run, cycle, CrossFit at a higher level then you are at right now!

You have all of the power inherent within you, we want to show you that with the proper guidance, you can surpass your goals and overcome almost any pain!

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Knee Pain

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What do others say?

"He is simply the best at what he does." - Seth W.

Dr. Cowell is highly-qualified, knowledgeable and experienced. He absolutely has his patients well-being and interest in the forefront of his mind and practice. His goal is for you to not need to see him again. I've never have had this mindset from a Healthcare provider. He is simply the best at what he does.

"It's Obvious Dr. Cowell is an Expert in the field." - Ken R.

I feel so refreshed since I discovered Dr. Garry Cowell and Mobile Physical Therapy, because the process he guided me through was simple and used common sense. He saw that I moved improperly, created a plan of action and explained how to implement it so that I understood the reason why he had me do what he did. While it may seem like you can’t get good physical therapy without the therapist being physically there, I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised.

"Garry has allow me to see my greatest gains." - Dr. Aaron S.

Although I have not been to the office itself, the service I received has been 5 star worthy. Dr. Cowell has allowed me to see the greatest gains in my life from a PT standpoint.

Our passion is to help 100,000 parents keep up with their kids!

Why shouldn't you be one of them?